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Gino Chimenti

suonopuro.net was born with the intent to spread musical culture and explore the possibilities that information technology and new technologies offer to musicians and composers of our time.

The site contains virtual musical instruments, patches for electronic wind instruments, electroacoustic compositions, pieces for music teaching, electronic musical pieces of various genres and multimedia scientific dissemination apps on the theory of sound synthesis and the history of electronic music.

My name is Gino Chimenti and I am a primary school teacher with a degree in Music and New Technologies.

In the educational field, before moving on to primary school, I taught music in the socio-psycho-pedagogical high schools of the Palermo area and also in the electroacoustics and digital signal processing courses of the Trapani Conservatory.

My adventure in the world of music began at the age of twelve, when I started studying the trumpet in the marching band. Since then I have never stopped playing and in all these years I have had the opportunity to try my hand at the most varied musical genres.

From my first experiences with the band repertoire I moved on to the study of classical music, obtaining a trumpet diploma in 1991 at the “V. Bellini” of Palermo.

Afterwards I continued my studies, obtaining a teaching diploma and at the same time attending the composition course at the Palermo Conservatory for a few years, acquiring the basics of harmony and arrangement.

As a musician and arranger, I have worked with various fusion, R&B, classical and pop music groups.

The reform of the Conservatories of the 2000s, whose courses have been made equal to those of universities, has encouraged me to resume my studies, giving me the opportunity to combine the two greatest passions of my life: computer science and music.
Thus in 2007, under the guidance of Prof. Domenico Sciajno, a great composer and live-performer of electroacoustic music, I obtained a specialist degree in Music and New Technologies, with a grade of 110 cum laude and an honorable mention.

In 2020, during the pandemic, I also opened an educational channel on Youtube, called Maestro Gino .

One of the activities that I am most passionate about is the creation of virtual sounds and musical instruments, some of which, present on this site, are currently used by many musicians around the world.

In this interview in English with Itai Weissman, who on the same YouTube channel has interviewed many of the most important musicians linked to the world of EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument), I talk about my approach to the creation of virtual musical instruments.

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