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Virtual Armenian Double Reed Woodwind

(Full version of NI Kontakt 4.1.1 or higher required)



A Duduk Reed The Super Duduk is a very expressive and realistic virtual instrument emulating the duduk, an ancient Armenian double reed woodwind instrument made of apricot wood. Unlike other double-reed instruments, the duduk reed is quite wide, helping to give the duduk both its unique, mournful sound, as well as its remarkable breath requirements.

Many musicians from all over the world attribute peculiar qualities to the duduk: a sound that has a humanlike voice quality; the ability to move people and evoke something ancient; an extreme expression, from sweetness to pain; a sound that is a prayer.

The duduk has been used in a number of movie and TV soundtracks (“Gladiator”, “Alexander”, “The Last Temptation of Christ”, “The Crow”, “Zena, Warrior Princess”, etc...), especially to denote otherworldliness, loneliness, and mourning or to supply a Middle Eastern/Central Asian atmosphere.

The Super Duduk, using the most advanced technological solutions, allows emulating the original instrument perfectly, even in legato, staccato and in the tonal variations that are obtained at different dynamic. It also expands the duduk possibilities, extending its range from just over one to over four octaves, combining the samplings of 3 different duduks : the one in A for the central part, the piccolo duduk for the treble and the bass duduk for the low notes.

The Super Duduk also has a wide range of effects, which transform the sound of the duduk into a more modern thing. Moreover, its numerous functions make it very versatile and playable live. It can be used both in monophonic mode, for greater realism, and in polyphonic mode. He can also perform up to two parallel secondary voices simultaneously, in the style of the great EWI player Michael Brecker.

It does not require complicated settings or intricate ways of playing: just play normally on your MIDI instrument to get legato and staccato, crescendo and diminuendo, piano and forte, vibrato, glissando, etc.

The Super Duduk is designed to get the best, in terms of expression and control, from any kind of MIDI instrument:

 • Electronic Wind Instruments (Akai EWI, Roland Aerophone, Yamaha YDS, Berglund NuEVI, etc.);

 • MIDI strings (Cantini MIDI violin, Zeta MIDI violin, etc.);

 • MIDI converters, like the Sonuus i2M;

 • MIDI keyboards (NI Komplete control, M-Audio Oxygen, etc.);

• MIDI controllers (TEC breath controller, MIDI expression pedal, Yamaha BC3, etc.).


Interface Images

Super Duduk for Kontakt 5.8.1

Super Duduk for Kontakt 5.8.1



 • Perfect Crossfade: transition from piano to forte and vice versa on six levels without hear overlapping notes.
 • Editable Dynamic Controller and Range.
 • Two monophonic modes with real time automatic recognizing of legato and staccato: by dynamic controller and by keys.
 • Play on release mode: when you release a note, the software plays the previous note still pressed.
 • Configurable legato time and real time controlled portamento.
 • Four round robin staccato attacks with multiple and gradual gradients from soft to marcato.
 • Two parallel voices at configurable intervals, as used by Michael Brecker.
 • Polyphonic mode for polyphonic instruments and sustain or hold 1st note modes for monophonic instruments.
 • Blown attack technique.
 • Editable sound color.
 • Automatic vibrato and flutter-tonguing both configurable and controllable live.
 • Chorus, Compressor, Three-band equalizer, Convolution reverb, easy to use Distortion and Delay effects.
 • Keyswitches that can be disabled; live options activator.
 • 4 and a half octaves of range, obtained by sampling 3 different duduks tuned to 3 different keys.
 • Splitter by Suonopuro, to split and layer many sounds across your keyboard or your MIDI instrument.
 • The Drone Player, an instrument for Kontakt useful for playing background sounds formed by 5 different mixable sources: synths, strings, tampura, orchestra and bagpipe. You can change the drone note also using a MIDI pedalboard.



• A COMPUTER: Windows or Mac or a Maschine+ by Native Instruments.

NI KONTAKT 4.1.1 or higher FULL retail version. It is NOT compatible with Kontakt Player. You can open and run the Super Duduk in Kontakt player just for 15 minutes. After that the demo period of the player times out and you have to re-start and reload the library.

A MIDI CONTROLLER: an Electronic Wind Instrument or a Keyboard or any kind of MIDI Instrument.

Here are some examples:

Some Wind Controllers

Keyboard players can use a MIDI controller like these:

Dynamic controllers for keyboards

It is also possible to use a common MIDI keyboard without any MIDI controller, but it's not recommended.

The Super Duduk on action

Steve Tavaglione

Steve Tavaglione, multi-styled saxophonist, clarinetist, flautist and E.W.I. player, who has worked on various films and television shows including CSI and CSI:NY, wrote: "It sounds great!!!"

Judd Miller

Judd Miller is arguably THE top EVI (electronic valve instrument) player in the world. He has performed on numerous big budget movie soundtracks and with the world's top recording artists like Michael Breaker, John Williams, Stewart Copeland, James Newton Howard, The Jellow Jackets and many others.
He wrote: "I’m enjoying your new creation. I love its breath noise sound"

Zac Zinger

Zac Zinger, multi-talented saxophonist, flautist, EWI and shakuachi player, who has recorded and composed music for many famous video games, wrote: "The New Dizi and the Super Duduk are probably the best VIs I've heard simulating these instruments."

Łukasz Knapik

Łukasz Knapik, music teacher, saxophonist and AKAI EWI player, editor of the site, made this short clip about the Super Duduk. He wrote: "I like your sounds for EWI!, dont stop! :)"

Ciro Pusateri

Ciro Pusateri, internationally renowned saxophonist, plays the Super Duduk via his Yamaha YDS150, in a composition for voice and orchestra by Giuseppe Ricotta, at the "Teatro Massimo" in Palermo.

Mark Steiner

In this video, Mark Steiner reviews The Super Duduk. Mark plays NuEVI, trumpet, keyboards, piano and modular synths. He is Nyle Steiner’s nephew, the inventor of the EWI. About the Super Duduk, he said: "Your Super Duduk is unbelievable. So wonderful."


Suonopuro Super Duduk and The Drone Player are parts of a private collection that I'm going to give to everyone who supports my site with a donation of at least € 100,00.

To use them you need a FULL retail version of NI Kontakt 4.1.1 or higher.



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Within a few days you will receive an e-mail notification, containing the download link and the instructions.

If you want a different method of payment, or are having problems with the Paypal link, you can write an email to the address above.


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