SWITCHER for Kontakt and Komplete Kontrol keyboard

How to have it
The Switcher for Komplete by Suonopuro is a multiscript for Kontakt that allows you to select, split and layer many sounds across your Komplete Kontrol Keyboard.
For example, you can load 8 different instruments for Kontakt, transport them, overlap or divide them into different parts of the keyboard and recall them on the fly, without waiting for loading.

Instructions for Use

Image 1: example of Kontakt Multi Instrument Mode Rack
Switcher for Kontakt Interface

- Set or leave your MIDI instrument on MIDI channel 1 (default).
- First upload the Suonopuro_Switcher_for_Kontakt.nkm file to Kontakt and then the virtual instruments you intend to use, each set on a different MIDI channel, from 1 to 9, as in image 1.
- Choose the lowest and highest notes of the range you want to use for each channel/instrument. To do this, fill in the CH* up and CH* low fields for the nine MIDI channels of the Switcher. Alternatively you can click on the Learn CH* range button and then play on your instrument, first the lowest note and then the highest note of the range you wish to use.
- Change the pitch and octave for each channel with the Oct (octave) and ST (semitone) knobs.

- If the "C. Controllers ON" button is lit, then you can turn channels/instruments on and off by pressing buttons on your MIDI instrument or turning knobs that send MIDI CC data to Kontakt ( Continuous Controllers), respectively from CC20 to CC28 (see image 1). For each MIDI CC, values ​​greater than 0 activate the channel, while values ​​equal to 0 deactivate it.
Furthermore, with MIDI CCs from 29 to 31, it will be possible to activate and deactivate, respectively, the triplet channels 1+2+3, 4+5+6 and 7+8+9.
- If the "SINGLE MODE" button is active, selecting a channel or a set of channels will deactivate all the others.
- If the "Program C. ON" button is active, then it will be possible to activate and deactivate each channel/instrument using the MIDI Program Changes from 1 to 9. If the SINGLE MODE button is also active, then with Program Changes from 10 to 12 you will be able to recall, respectively, the channel trios 1+2+3, 4+5+6 and 7+8+9.
If the "Program C. ON" button is deactivated, then Program Changes will be sent only to the selected channel. In this way, by loading .nkb files on the channels, which contain banks of sounds, with MIDI CC (Continuous Controllers), you will be able to move from one bank to another, while with Program Changes you will be able to select a single sound from the active bank.
- If the "Relative P.C." button is active, the first Program Change received will be considered n.1 and subsequent ones, in proportion.
- The 3 menus which in image 1 are circled in yellow are used to choose a possible controller to use to activate and deactivate, directly from your MIDI instrument, respectively the “SINGLE MODE”, “C. Controllers ON” and “Program C. ON”.


To get a free copy of Suonopuro Switcher for Kontakt and MIDI instruments, just send an email to the address indicated below, inserting the follow message: "I would like to receive a free copy of Suonopuro Switcher for Kontakt". You will receive an email with the file attached within 24 hours.


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