Can classical music be played with an electronic instrument? The videos on this page try to give an answer.

Largo from the Recorder Concerto RV 443 by Antonio Vivaldi. EWI (electronic wind instrument) + Suonopuro Recorder (Virtual Instrument for Kontakt).



In this duet with myself I interpret Domenico Paradisi's Toccata, the famous soundtrack of the RAI interval, using Suonopuro Pan Flute and The Freesk.



Badinerie by J. S. Bach played on EWI with Suonopuro Recorder and orchestra.



The following video was filmed by TV7 Partinico on 7 August 2014 on the occasion of the "Gran Gala Maestro Riina". For the occasion I performed the Adagio from Telemann's Trumpet Concerto in D live.
The virtual organ is Hauptwerk by Milan Digital, while the virtual trumpet was reworked by myself.



The video below is a demo of some classical instrument patches I developed for EWI using the Native Instruments Kontakt sampler. In the movie, only 5 sound fragments are recorded with real instruments, while all the others were recorded using EWI.
In my opinion, the level of realism of virtual instruments, if programmed and played properly, is such that it is difficult to distinguish them from real instruments.