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DIZI E-FLUTE How to have it
Virtual Chinese Transverse Flute for Electronic Wind Instruments or Keyboards

(Full version of NI Kontakt 4.1.1 or higher required)



A dimo-covered mokongThe dizi is Chinese transverse flute made of bamboo. It is widely used inmany genres of Chinese folkmusic, as well as Chinese opera,
and the modern Chinese orchestra. What makes the dizi different from all other transverse flutes is the dimo, a membrane taken from
the inner wall of the bamboo plant and fastened over the special hole (mokong) between the embouchure hole and the first finger hole.
The dimo-covered mokong has a distinctive resonating effect on the sound produced by the dizi, making it brighter and louder, and
adding harmonics to give the final tone a buzzing, nasal quality. The Mo-Cong was invented in the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) by Liu Xi,
and he named the flute the "Seven Star Tube".

Suonopuro e-dizi is a free add-on of Suonopuro Bansuri.

You can use it as monophonic or polyphonic instrument. It can also perform two configurable parallel voices as used by great EWI player Michael Brecker.

It does not require complex configurations or problematic ways of playing. Just play your MIDI instrument as usual and the virtual flute will do the legato and staccato, crescendo and diminuendo, piano and forte, vibrato, portamento, etc.

It can be used with any MIDI controller but is specifically designed for two kinds of MIDI controllers: electronic wind instruments (like the Akai EWI or the Yamaha WX5) and keyboards.



Dizi e-flute for Kontakt 4.1



·   Every note and each legato and portamento interval, until the major ninth, was sampled at
    24 bit/48kHz. Over 1020 files working together automatically.

·   Real time automatic recognizing of legato and staccato.

·   Innovative and flexible portamento (glide) system, sample based.

·   3 different ways to vibrate, all ultra-expressive and realistic.

·   Convolution reverb specifically designed for the bansuri.

·   4 round robin staccato attacks with multiple and gradual gradients from soft to marcato.

·   2 parallel voices at configurable intervals, as used by Michael Brecker.

·   3 and a half octaves range instead of the 2 of a dizi flute.

·   Polyphonic Modality



NI KONTAKT 4.1.1 or higher FULL retail version. It is NOT compatible with Kontakt Player. You can open and run the Dizi e-flute in Kontakt player just for 15 minutes. After that the demo period of the player times out and you have to re-start and reload the library.

• A COMPUTER: Windows or Mac or a Maschine+ by Native Instruments.

A MIDI CONTROLLER: an Electronic Wind Instrument or a Keyboard or any kind of MIDI Instrument.

• 300 Megabytes of free hard disk space


Dynamic controllers for keyboards  

In the keybord version you can select how to control the dynamic, from pp to ff. It also affects the timbre and slightly the pitch of notes. You can choose between:

Dynamic controllers for keyboards

You may also choose to control the dynamic by Velocity (the speed of the key-press), as a common keyboard patch, but you can no longer do crescendos and diminuendos.



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Suonopuro Bansuri and Dizi e-flute are a part of a private collection that I'm going to give to everyone who supports my site with a donation of at least € 79,00.

To use them you need a FULL retail version of NI Kontakt 4.1.1 or higher.



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