the most famous synth sounds for your Akai EWI 4000s


"Suonopuro EWI Presets" is a collection of patches for the Akai EWI 4000s that reproduce the sound of 24 legendary synthesizer solos drawn from songs that have shaped the history of rock, pop and fusion. They also contain other six patches specifically designed to cover the most common needs of an EWI player.

This is the presets list:

(you can listen an MP3 comparing the original track with the patch)

Pop-Corn Gershon Kingsley 1969 Moog Modular   Presets 07-10.mp3
Lucky Man Keith Emerson 1970 Moog Modular Play using glide
Chameleon Herbie Hancock 1973 ARP Odyssey  
Shine on you crazy diamond Pink Floyd 1975 MiniMoog  
Oxygene Part IV Jean Michel Jarre 1976 EMS VCS 3   Presets 11-14.mp3
A remark you made Joe Zawinul 1977 Arp2600  
Birdland Joe Zawinul 1977 MiniMoog  
Hot stuff Donna Summer 1979   Play with octaver
Are you going with me? Pat Metheny 1981 Roland GR 300s 2 Patches Presets 15-19.mp3
Chariots of fire Vangelis 1981 Yamaha CS-80  
Sweet Dreams Eurythmics 1982 Juno-6 2 Patches
Rockit Herbie Hancock 1983     Presets 20-22.mp3
Claire's song The JellowJackets 1983 Lyricon  
Pass it on The JellowJackets 1983 Lyricon  
Jump Van Halen 1984 Oberheim OB-Xa Demo mp3 multitrack recorded Presets 23-26.mp3
The final countdown Europe 1986 Roland JX-8P  
Truth T-Square 1987 Akai Ewi  
Kingston Town UB40 1990 Yamaha Wx7  
Facing West Lyle Mays/Pat Metheny 1992 Kurzweil K2000   Presets 27-30.mp3
Boheme Deep Forest 1995    
Melody Lydia Kavina 97-29 Theremin Play using glide
Paradise Coldplay 2011   Just the bass
PRESETS 1-6 (generics)
Suonopuro EWI Super versatile Presets 01-06.mp3
Suonopuro Dolce For ballads
Suonopuro Triangle For arrangements
Suonopuro Wha-Wha Funky
Suonopuro Archi Synth Strings
Suonopuro Ottoni Synth Brass
PRESETS 50-80 are the same as above but without effects, so you can use with your pedalboard or your FX rack.


- More leveled volume between the patches
- Effects more balanced
- Two new patches from songs by Lucio Battisti: Amarsi un po' and Sì viaggiare
- Three variations of previous patches, less similar to the original ones but more versatile
- Four sounds specifically designed to be used with an external distortion pedal

Suonopuro EWI Presets on action

Bernie Kenerson "Bernzilla"

Even the great EWI player Bernie Kenerson "Bernzilla" likes and uses the Suonopuro EWI Presets:

Bernie Kenerson reviews the Suonopuro EWI Presets

Alistair Parnell

Alistair Parnell, composer and sax player, said about Suonopuro EWI Presets: "Very impressive!"

Nick Batzdorf

Nick Batzdorf, Editor/publisher of VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTS MAGAZINE: "Great job of programming" 

Marian Jaslovsky

Marian Jaslovsky, Slovak saxophone/flute/EWI player: "I have an EWI for more than 5 years and my 4000s plays an important role in my live performances and studio recordings. Native EWI sounds are a little bit problematic so I bought the famous bank from Patchman. But something was missing there for me. I love funk and fusion and I discovered cool sounds in the Suonopuro EWI Presets by Mr. Gino Chimenti. This bank sounds damn good!" 

Marian Jaslovsky plays the EWI with Suonopuro patch n° 12 in a song by the band AMO: Spoločná Reč.

Gaetano Tucci

Gaetano Tucci, great saxophonist and EWI player: "An outstanding job, and I like all the sounds. In terms of playability on the ewi, they are all perfect (you can see that have been designed by someone who plays a wind instrument). The ones I like more are those of Metheny, spectacular, it seem to hear him, the number 6 (brass), and of course those two concerning the Yellow Jackets. Even Suonopuro n. 2 Ewi particularly struck me. Definitely a job well done!!!"

Listen a little demo made by Gaetano Tucci with patch n. 16: Song for Bilbao

Philippe Gobinet

Philippe Gobinet, saxophonist, flutist, EWI player, composer, arranger and jazzist who payed in orchestras and TV shows, recorded some songs with Suonopuro EWI Presets.
Here you can listen a piece called "La Javanaise", a classic French song played using the patch n.2 (Dolce).

In this video Lino De Carolis, saxophonist, flautist and EWI player from Torino, tries some "Suonopuro EWI Presets"


How to obtain "Suonopuro EWI Presets"

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Suonopuro EWI Presets is a private collection that I'm going to give to everyone who supports my site with a donation of at least € 49,00 instead of € 80,00 (save 40%).

To upload the patches on your Akai EWI 4000s you need to connect the instrument to the computer (PC or MAC) via a midi cable.



  1. Make a donation of at least 49,00 euros using Paypal (payment is automatically converted to your desired currency):

  1. Send an E-MAIL with your name, your e-mail and details of the payment made, to:


Within a few days you will receive an email notification, containing the files and instructions for the upload of the patches to your EWI4000s.

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