Guide to electronic music

Guida alla musica elettronica

Ishkur' guide to electronic music is a site that contains a crazy sound map of all the strands of electronic music, from Glitch to Italo Dance, hundreds of genres cataloged in 7 large categories, with thousands of sound fragments of the most significant songs of each genre, from Mike's Tubular Bells Oldfield to I Feel Love by Donna Summer.



Logo Biosonologia

The Biosonology exploits the vibrational power of sound frequencies to access the higher levels of our consciousness and to support the ability to keep our organism in its entirety in balance. Our mind and body represent a complex entity made of organic matter and energy flows in constant vibration.


Itai Weissman EWI Conversations Channel

Itai Weissmann Channel

Itai Weissman is an Israeli saxophone and EWI-player based in Amsterdam. Itai is considered one of the best EWI-players in Europe and regularly teaches at Conservatorium van Amsterdam and Prins Claus in Groningen. In his Youtube channel, Itai talks to some key figures of the EWI world, who have been there since the beginning of it's creation, developing their own vision on the instrument, enriching the possibilities of sound, language and improvisation. The purpose of this channel is to give you one address where you can sit back and let yourself be inspired by conversations, tutorials, live performances and more.