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The Synthesizers that shaped modern music, How to have it
to get the best from your MIDI instrument.



"Suonopuro Synth Collection" is a set of 64 synth sounds for Kontakt, fully editable and customizable:

33 patches that reproduce the sound of several legendary synthesizer solos, drawn from songs that have shaped the history of rock, pop and fusion;

31 patches specifically designed to cover the most common needs of any musician.

The Suonopuro Synth Collection is designed to get the best, in terms of expression and control, from any kind of MIDI instrument:

Electronic Wind Instruments (Akai EWI, Yamaha WX5, Casio Zanzithophone, Roland Ae10g, Morrison Digital Trumpet, etc.);

MIDI strings (Cantini MIDI violin, Zeta MIDI violin, etc.);

MIDI converters, like the Sonuus i2M;

MIDI keyboards (NI Komplete control, M-Audio Oxygen, etc.);

MIDI controllers (TEC breath controller, MIDI expression pedal, Yamaha BC3, etc.).

Stop wasting time searching through thousands of useless sounds: few sounds but very recognizable and very well sounding.

Useful for having the best EWI 4000s sounds on the EWI 5000.



Editable Dynamic Controller and Range.

2 monophonic modes with real time automatic recognizing of legato and staccato: by dynamic controller and by keys.

Play on release mode: when you release a note, the software plays the previous note still pressed.

Configurable legato time and real time controlled portamento.

4 round robin staccato attacks with multiple and gradual gradients from soft to marcato.

2 parallel voices at configurable intervals, as used by Michael Brecker.

Polyphonic mode for polyphonic instruments and sustain or hold 1st note modes for monophonic instruments.

Bending technique.

Automatic vibrato and flutter-tonguing both configurable and controllable live.

Chorus, Three-band equalizer, Convolution reverb, easy to use Distortion and Delay effects.

Low Pass Filter, configurable and live controllable.

Keyswitches that can be disabled; live options activator; customizable sound banks to change sound via Program Change.

Splitter by Suonopuro, to split and layer many sounds across your keyboard or your MIDI instrument.

List of synth solos that inspired us

Pop-Corn Gershon Kingsley 1969 Moog Modular
Lucky Man Keith Emerson 1970 Moog Modular
Chameleon Herbie Hancock 1973 ARP Odyssey  
Shine on you crazy diamond Pink Floyd 1975 MiniMoog  
Oxygene Part IV Jean Michel Jarre 1976 EMS VCS 3  
A remark you made Joe Zawinul 1977 Arp2600  
Birdland Joe Zawinul 1977 MiniMoog  
Amarsi un po' Lucio Battisti 1977 MiniMoog  
Sì, viaggiare Lucio Battisti 1977 MiniMoog  
Hot stuff Donna Summer 1979  
Jazz carnival Azymuth 1979    
Are you going with me? Pat Metheny 1981 Roland GR 300s 2 Patches
Chariots of fire Vangelis 1981 Yamaha CS-80  
Magnetic Fields Pt. 2 Jean Michel Jarre 1981 Yamaha CS-80  
Sweet Dreams Eurythmics 1982 Juno-6 2 Patches
Rockit Herbie Hancock 1983    
Claire's song The JellowJackets 1983 Lyricon  
Pass it on The JellowJackets 1983 Lyricon  
Jump Van Halen 1984 Oberheim OB-Xa
Got a match? Chick Corea 1986 Yamaha KX5/TX816’s
The final countdown Europe 1986 Roland JX-8P  
Truth T-Square 1987 Akai Ewi  
Diamante (NEW 2018) Zucchero 1989 Yamaha DX7+BC3 Pad, Harp, Lead
Kingston Town UB40 1990 Yamaha Wx7  
Facing West Lyle Mays/Pat Metheny 1992 Kurzweil K2000  
Boheme Deep Forest 1995    
Melody for Theremin Lydia Kavina 97-29 Theremin
New Rochelle Bob Mintzer 1997 EWI 4000s
Paradise Coldplay 2011  

Modern Presets

Suonopuro EWI 6 lead synth, including also chorus e phaser
Suonopuro Sweet 2 patches for ballads
Suonopuro Triangle 2 Patches per gli arrangements
Suonopuro Wha-Wha 5 funky and rock instruments, both clean and distorted
Suonopuro Strings A classic Synth Strings
Suonopuro Trumpets and Brass 3 modern Synth Brass
Suonopuro Distortion and Fuzz 7 synth for solos and riffs
Suonopuro Pad A super pad with variation
Suonopuro Variation 4 new sounds from classics

Other Files

The Synth Collection folder contains:

64 preconfigured files (.nki) for Electronic Wind Instruments or monophonic (whose name starts with WIND);

64 preconfigured files for generic keyboards (whose name starts with KEY);

4 banks (.nkb) for EWI or monophonic instruments with 15 sounds each recalled by program change;

4 banks for Keyboards with 15 sounds each recalled by program change;

One empty multi file (.nkm) containing the Suonopuro Splitter, to split and layer many sounds across your MIDI instrument.

An instruction manual in pdf.


Suonopuro Synth Collection


Suonopuro Synth Collection on action

In this video, Mark Steiner reviews The Suonopuro Synth Collection. Mark plays NuEVI, trumpet, keyboards, piano and modular synths. He is Nyle Steiner’s nephew, the inventor of the EWI.


Itai Weissman, EWI player, jazzman, composer and EWI teacher at the Amsterdam Conservatory, plays Green Dolphin Street with the patch no. 31 of Suonopuro Synth Collection.


Judd Miller

Judd Miller is arguably THE top EVI (electronic valve instrument) player in the world. He has performed on numerous big budget movie soundtracks and with the world's top recording artists like Michael Breaker, John Williams, Stewart Copeland, James Newton Howard, The Jellow Jackets and many others.
He wrote: "This new synth package sounds really good. It’s a really nice collection of very expressive and useful sounds. Wind synth players, who don’t program, will love having your patches."

Steve Tavaglione

Steve Tavaglione, multi-styled saxophonist, clarinetist, flautist and E.W.I. player, who has worked on various films and television shows including CSI and CSI:NY, wrote: "It sounds great! All Suonopuro Instruments are fantastic!!!"

Lino De Carolis, saxophonist, flautist and EWI player from Torino, tries some sounds from the "Suonopuro Synth Collection"


How to obtain "Suonopuro Synth Collection" (24% OFF)

Suonopuro Synth Collection is a private collection that I'm going to give to everyone who supports my site with a donation of at least €98,80 instead of €130,00 (save 24%).

WARNING: To use it you need a FULL retail version of NI Kontakt 4.1.1 or higher.


  1. Make a donation of at least 98,80 euros using Paypal (payment is automatically converted to your desired currency)

  1. Send an E-MAIL with your name, your e-mail and details of the payment made, to:


Within 24 hours you will receive an email notification, containing the download link.

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