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Virtual Ancient Flutes Collection How to have it

All Suonopuro virtual flutes in a discounted bundle! Save 66%: two out of three instruments are free!
(Full version of NI Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher required. Tested with Kontakt 7)

This is a collection of virtual instruments for the sampler Kontakt by Native Instruments, emulating some very ancient flutes.

Virtual instruments by Suonopuro have a realism and playability never seen before. They exploit the latest technology to reproduce, live and in a completely automated mode: legato, staccato, glissando and all dynamic and expression variations.

NEWS 2023: The whole collection has been completely renewed, with new features, new samples and a new algorithm that makes each virtual flute much more realistic and playable.


The bundle includes:

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• A COMPUTER: Windows or Mac or a Maschine+ by Native Instruments.

NI KONTAKT 5.8.1 or higher FULL retail version. Tested with Kontakt 7. It is NOT compatible with Kontakt Player. You can open and run a Suonopuro instrument in Kontakt player just for 15 minutes. After that the demo period of the player times out and you have to re-start and reload the library.

A MIDI CONTROLLER: an Electronic Wind Instrument or a Keyboard or any kind of MIDI Instrument or DAW.

Here are some examples:

Some Wind Controllers

Keyboard players can use a MIDI controller like these:

Dynamic controllers for keyboards

It is also possible to use a common MIDI keyboard without any MIDI controller.


Steve Tavaglione Valutazione

Steve Tavaglione, multi-styled saxophonist, clarinetist, flautist and EWI player, who has worked on various films and television shows including CSI and CSI:NY, wrote: "Suonopuro Bansuri is a beautiful soundset! The Freesk sounds great! All Suonopuro Instruments are fantastic!!!"

Judd Miller Valutazione

Judd Miller is arguably the top EVI (electronic valve instrument) player in the world. He has performed on numerous big budget movie soundtracks and with the world's top recording artists like Michael Breaker, John Williams, Stewart Copeland, James Newton Howard, The Jellow Jackets and many others.
He wrote: "Suonopuro creations feel so good to play. I just love playing the Bansuri and The Freesk. Really, really beautiful sounds. I also like the Xiao and love the Shakuhachi! Gino has a very musical and sensible approach to what is going to feel and sound right on a wind controller."

Zac Zinger Valutazione

Zac Zinger, multi-talented saxophonist, flautist, EWI and shakuachi player, who has recorded and composed music for many famous video games, wrote: "The New Dizi and the Super Duduk are probably the best VIs I've heard simulating these instruments."

Siggi Mueller Valutazione

Siggi Mueller, German film composer, keyboarder, accordion and piano player, wrote: "This is the best virtual Bansuri I heard. It can be very lovely played with a breath controller."

How to obtain this bundle: "New Dr Xiao & Mr Shakuhachi + Super Bansuri + Super Dizi + The Freesk Plus + Super Recorder + Super Pan Flute + Super Ney"

DISCOUNT of 66% + The Drone Player FREE

The Virtual Ancient Flutes are part of a private collection that I'm going to give to everyone who supports my site with a donation of at least € 149,00 instead of € 448,00 (save 66%).

To use it you need a FULL retail version of NI Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher. Tested with Kontakt 7.



  1. Make a donation of at least €149,00 using Paypal (payment is automatically converted to your desired currency):

  1. Send an E-MAIL with your name, your e-mail and details of the payment made, to:


Within 24 hours you will receive an e-mail notification, containing the download link and the instructions.

If you want a different method of payment, or are having problems with the Paypal link, you can write an email to the address above.

Upgrade from previous versions

If you own a previous version of Suonopuro Ancient Flutes Collection and wish to upgrade to the new version, make a donation of € 74.00 from the home page of the website and then send an email to the following address:



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