This site focuses on technologies applied to music.
It contains virtual instruments, music courses, videos, tracks and patches, developed over the years thanks to our site supporters.

Suonopuro Virtual Instruments are not simple libraries of sampled sounds, but real musical instruments, realistic and perfectly playable live.
In each of them there is an attempt to overcome the limits of the original.



Lots of virtual flutes of the highest realism and playability.


Highly innovative virtual brass instruments.


Harmonicas, accordions, oboes and many others V.I.

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The sound of the most iconic synth solos ever + a modern DX piano.

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A set of beautiful presets for the Akai EWI 4000s.


Splitter and Switcher for Kontakt, tips and tricks.


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Resources for music education.


All about the artificial creation of sound.


The history of classical electronic music.


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Electronic music of various genres.

Classical music performed with electronic instruments.


Electroacoustic compositions.


Judd Miller

Judd Miller, top EVI player who has performed on numerous big budget movie soundtracks (list), with artists like John Williams:

I love playing Gino’s creations. Especially his Bansuri and Duduk. All of his instruments are very playable and expressive. They would sound great with any wind synthesizer or configured for keyboard also.

Steve Tavaglione

Steve Tavaglione, leading studio musician for the film and television industry (CSI, Bridge of Spies, Wall-e, Finding Nemo, Road to Perdition, American Beauty, etc.):

Suonopuro Bansuri is a beautiful soundset! The Freesk sounds great! All Suonopuro Instruments are fantastic!!!

Alistair Parnell

Alistair Parnell, performer and composer, his series of informative Aerophone and EWI lesson videos on YouTube has achieved more than 1,000,000 views:

Suonopuro virtual instruments are some of the best instruments available for the wind synth player. A unique collection, very responsive and easy to use.

Siggi Müller

Siggi Müller, German film composer, keyboarder, accordion and piano player:

Suonopuro Bansuri is the best virtual Bansuri I heard. It can be very lovely played with a breath controller.

Zac Zinger

Zac Zinger, multi-talented saxophonist, EWI and shakuachi player, who has recorded and composed music for many famous video games (Street Fighter V, Jump Force, PUBG, CAPCOM's Monster Hunter and Okami series, etc.):

The New Dizi and the Super Duduk by Suonopuro are probably the best VIs I've heard simulating these instruments.

Łukasz Knapik

Łukasz Knapik, Polish music teacher, saxophonist and EWI player, editor of the site www.TheArtOfWindSynth.com :

For several years I have been using sounds created by Gino Chimenti in my work with EWI. In my opinion, these are the best soundbanks available, made to work with NI Kontakt and wind controller. Precision, quality, sound and the ability to change parameters at your discretion make it a product worth recommending.

Itai Weissman

Itai Weissman, Israeli saxophone and EWI-player, who teaches at the Amsterdam Conservatory:

Suonopuro is an extensive package of great sounding patches!, a must have in your arsenal.

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