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THE SOUND SYNTHESIS” is an interactive multimedia app that deals with the theme of the artificial creation of sound in a very practical and concrete way, exploiting the potential of digital, so as to be able to clarify each concept examined with the help of hundreds of examples: photographs, diagrams, videos and above all sounds.

Topics covered include: what is sound, the precursors of synthesizers, the different types of synthesizers, all types of sound synthesis and a broad overview of software synthesizers.


Who is it aimed at?

All those who love music and electronics may find this work useful and interesting:

 • the neophyte, who wishes to approach electronic music by acquiring its key concepts;

 • the music student, who will be able to use this product as a text for subjects related to musical informatics;

 • the expert, who will be able to find useful insights into what he already knows, grouped together in a single work.


Technical features

This multimedia app is compatible with all Windows versions.

It works directly, without requiring installation.

It has a simple and intuitive graphic interface, colorful and full of animations.



Navigation between the screens takes place via an intuitive menu divided into chapters, paragraphs and any subparagraphs, as can be seen from the following photo:


Clicking on the images marked with particular symbols starts audio and video files for the integrated player.


Contains numerous in-depth pages with spectrograms, sonograms, examples, etc.


Download and launch

To download "The Sound Synthesis" free app for Windows, just click on the link below. Once this is done, extract the contents of the file (about 650 MB) into a folder of your choice and start The_Sound_Synthesis.exe file.


La sintesi sonora